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Social media is now the most effective way to reach new audiences. Whether your budget is cosy or corporate, we use sophisticated paid social marketing to generate leads, sales and get the best results from your budget

Creative Production

Fresh, bold assets that set you apart from the competition.

Web Design

Sleek e-commerce stores that are guaranteed to convert.


Intuitive and automated solutions that nail lead generation.

Google Ads and Social Media

Laser-targeted campaigns that will kickstart your brand growth. Creative content that will engage and entice your followers.

Email Marketing

Innovative email strategies that boost long-term growth.

Rapid Design Support

Your designs are ready in a maximum of 2 hours.

Here at Bauwerb, we’re all about results. Our mission is to help ambitious e-commerce brands just like yours reach their full potential. And how do we achieve that, you ask? With the support of our world-class team, packed with experts in every area of e-commerce marketing. From media buying to creative production, we’ve got the best brains in the business – and they can’t wait to put their expertise to good use.

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