About Me


About Me


I Am Osman Çağrı GÜRAKAR

I have a undergraduate study and a master's degree in Political Science. Previously, I worked as a public relations manager in a multinational company. I managed the advertising, marketing and legal departments. Later, I worked as the General Manager of an international hunting rifle manufacturer company. I studied graphic design at The Florence Institute Of Design International graphic design academy in Florence, Italy, and at the Académie Charpentier art school in Paris, France.

We work with many companies in the world and in Turkey with our team of 300 people. Our team includes talented and proven people in many different fields such as graphic artists, software engineers, lawyers, public relations specialists, psychologists, architects and data analysts. It is only possible to achieve better with us. Because we know our job, we love our job and we develop our job. Perception management, advertising management, social media management and artistic construction works are only asked from us.

Osman Çağrı GÜRAKAR General Director